A letter from Alex Nagiba regarding COVID-19

Vermont Ballet Theater School
21 Carmichael St. Suite 203
Essex Junction , VT. 0545 2

Re: COVID-19 Update:7/27/20    2020-2021 Registration

July 27, 2020

Dear VBTS Families,

We hope this letter finds you and your family doing well and making the best of these trying times we find ourselves in.

Life at VBTS has resumed a small sense of normalcy this summer, we are very happy to report that our Summer Intensive has been a huge success! We have strict guidelines that all staff, dancers, and their families have had to follow, but with everyone’s honest acceptance and participation we are having a wonderful time dancing together in the studio once again! Even with masks on! Kate will have a few weeks of jazz camps in Shelburne the next few weeks and she is looking forward to those as well. Finally, some of our advanced dancers have been able to dance in the evenings in Essex, staying connected to friends and keeping in shape!

We are very encouraged by the success of the summer programs, so much so that we are planning to open for in-studio classes in Essex and Shelburne beginning this fall! Our first day is scheduled for Mon. Sept. 14th. The full schedule is currently on our website and registration is now open. We will have a full set of guidelines for staff, dancers, and families to follow if you plan to attend in studio classes. It is very important that everyone follow these guidelines closely and faithfully in order to ensure that classes can continue in a safe and productive manner for our entire VBTS community. These guidelines will outline in detail what VBTS (the school) will do to keep the space and everyone that comes into it safe, what our VBTS Staff will be required to adhere to and finally, what the families and dancers of VBTS will be required to follow. It will take some getting used to for everyone involved but we feel confident that our community will adapt and the joy of dance will prevail!

Our staff is passionate about the art of dance and feels that with everything going on around us, our dancers need something that they can feel good about, that they can feel progress in, and most importantly, something that they can trust and believe in – we are here for them and are excited for the opportunity to pass along that passion to all of our students for another inspiring year at VBTS!

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and communicate to all families going forward. Feel free to email Michele at mtf@vbts.org or Alex at info@vbts.org with any questions or comments.


Alexander Nagiba
VBTS Director