Do VBTS classes run in sessions or full year?

All classes at VBTS operate from Sept - June, referred to as our Academic Year. Training and strength building through a regular schedule of technique classes is not only healthier for the mind and body of a dancer, it is essential to develop a dancer's ability to achieve success. Payment is monthly for the Children's Ballet, Primary Ballet, Pre-Professional Ballet, and Jazz/Hip-Hop Divisions. A 10-Class Card or Drop-In rate is available for the Fitness Division and the Teen/Adult Ballet Division.

How do I know what is the appropriate class level for my child?

All current VBTS students, when registering for the upcoming Academic Year, should register for the next level up from the one completed in June, unless their teacher has suggested otherwise. For new students, all classes in our Children's Ballet, Primary Ballet, Pre-Professional Ballet, and Jazz/Hip-Hop Divisions are based on age. See those details on the Classes link from the homepage, or at the top of any page, on the website. For the Pre-Professional Ballet Division, use the details given on those pages in our Classes link to get an idea of your level, then call the VBTS offices to speak to a staff member who can suggest a level and/or set up a placement class for you.

Can my child move to a different level or class once registered?

Yes, at VBTS we place our dancers in the best possible level for them to succeed therefore do not hesitate to move a child to a different level if it is in their best interest. Please note that all class level changes are determined by VBTS staff ONLY. If, once registered, you need to change your child's class day/time due to a family scheduling conflict, please check in with your child's teacher to be sure the other class you choose is still open and if so, you will be notified and the change can be made.

What are your performing opportunities?

Vermont's Own Nutcracker holds auditions every fall for their December performances. All VBTS registered dancers will receive notification of the upcoming audition at the beginning of the Academic Year and it is advertised in the local papers and on our website. All cast members are informed at the audition of acceptance and dance role. Another performing opportunity is our end-of-the-year Celebration of Dance. This production is an All-VBTS performance for those VBTS students in levels CID-Adv. This venue is determined at the beginning of the Academic Year.

Is there required dance attire?

Boys will wear white t-shirts, black tights, black support belt, white socks and white or black ballet shoes. Girls in Children’s Ballet Division through Pre-Professional Ballet Division will wear pink tights, pink ballet shoes in leather or canvas, and their required class leotard (no underwear, please). Girls’ hair must be secured in a bun or French twist. For the classes in the Jazz/Hip-Hop Division please see the classes page for specific attire requirements. There is no required dress code for Teen/Adult Ballet Division or Fitness Division classes.

Is there an on-site dance shop?

The Dance Shop @ VBTS has all of your dancing needs. From the required class leotards to tights and warm-ups, hair accessories, footwear and much, much more! See the link from our homepage or at the top of any page for hours and direct phone line.

What is the Vermont Ballet Theater Co.?

VBT Co. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and is the performing branch of the Vermont Ballet Theater School. It is comprised of a main company, the Vermont Ballet Theater (VBT) and a second company of Vermont Youth Ballet (VYB) which has two divisions. The two (VYB) divisions are the VYB Senior Company (VYB Sr. Co.) and the VYB Junior Company (VYB Jr. Co.). The purpose of VBT and VYB is to give young dancers the opportunity to perform great choreographic works and to provide them with professional performing experience.

How do you become a member of VBT?

Any dancer age 10 and up who loves to perform can become a member providing they have shown the following: a serious commitment to their dance training, attends technique class a minimum of 3 times per week, has attended our 5 week summer intensive program to secure solid technique. A student who has met these criteria and demonstrates technical readiness will be asked to join an appropriate rank of VBT upon faculty approval.

What are the benefits?

Membership to VBT and VYB serves as an overall introduction to professional dance training and performing. The company has performed at Contois Auditorium, Alumni Hall at Champlain College, Barre Opera House, Dibden Center for the Performing Arts at Johnson State College, Memorial Auditorium in Burlington and has also participated at the Weekend of Hope in Stowe, VT. The Flynn Center for the Performing Arts in Burlington is home to VBT’s production of Vermont’s Own Nutcracker, held every December to sold out audiences that have made us Vermont’s Own Christmas Tradition. The benefits of membership include extra dance and performance instruction from faculty to perfect essential skills such as musicality and timing, many performing opportunities, priority casting in all productions, scholarship consideration, a 15% discount at The Dance Shop, and fundraising opportunities to raise money for tuition, rehearsal fees, dance supplies, etc. Every year members participate in a master class taught by a visiting dance company to the Flynn Center, sponsored by VBT Co.

Are there any special fees for company members?

Putting on a ballet production is a very expensive undertaking and VBT is committed to producing as professional a production as possible therefore we do require each VBT and VYB company dancer to support this effort with an annual membership fee. This membership fee will help to offset costs of rehearsal time, choreographic fees, lighting design and set up, stage contracts, musical rights, costumes, dry cleaning and storage. The fees will be $175.00 for VBT members, $145.00 for VYB Senior Company members and $95.00 for VYB Junior Company members.

Can families get involved too?

Yes! An experienced and highly qualified professional staff of teachers prepares the dancers for their roles. However, all the other aspects of production are handled by an all-volunteer staff. The people making your child's costumes, setting up the stage, preparing the program, arranging advertising, selling t-shirts and tickets, purchasing, selling and decorating for our annual Nutcracker Boutique and ushering at performances are all volunteers working out of love and dedication. New hands are always welcome and very much needed. All volunteer opportunities are detailed at a parent meeting held every fall.

What is Vermont's Own Nutcracker?

In 2005, VBT launched its own full length production of the Nutcracker. This production provides a wonderful performance opportunity for the students of Vermont Ballet Theater School, the dancers of VBT, VYB Sr., VYB Jr. Co. and members of the community. Performances have been held at Memorial Auditorium in Burlington, Johnson State College, Paramount Theatre in Rutland and more recently we have found a home with the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts in Burlington. It is here at the Flynn that we are finally able to present our beautiful production in a setting that compliments the artistry and professionalism that we have envisioned for our audiences, we are..Vermont's Own Nutcracker!